The Ellfaenian Journals


Dear diary,

I feel sick! School starts tomorrow. My heart is racing and my stomach is flipping over and over. Every time I think of walking into the classroom, my chest feels tight. I don’t want to go. I can’t do it!
I try to tell myself it will be different this time. It’s a new year, a new start for everyone. People and friendships change over the summer holidays don’t they? It may not be like before. School could be an escape from the suffocating atmosphere at home. A sanctuary.
Who am I kidding? It will be like jumping into another layer of Dante’s hell.
After all, JT, with her long perfect hair that flicks in unison with the flash of her perfect smile, will still be there. Like a puppeteer, she will still pull her posse’s strings, reminding them of my failings and the need to punish…

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