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Christmas distractions and writer’s guilt

Christmas has arrived with the tree, perfect for curling up and write.
Christmas has arrived in our house. At this moment, I am curled up in PJs with only the light of the tree keeping me company. It is my favourite place to be. All is silent (apart from the dogs snoring) and there is only an hour before everyone wakes up. I should be concentrating on writing. I have a short story/flash fiction to finish by Friday for writing group. It has been a couple of weeks since I have been and during November, NaNoWriMo took priority so I am determined to have something to share. The title is The Journey. A plot and a character with his back story have been formed and over 500 words have been written but I am struggling to concentrate. The words and snapshots of images refuse to link together to finish the tale. Christmas keeps getting in the way – lists galore loop in my head. One for card and present recipients, shopping needed for Christmas dinner and the following days, things to do before visitors arrive as well as the calendar full of events. As much as I am determined to carve a couple of hours for my writing I am drowning with ‘should be doings’. How do other writer’s do it? I watch and read authors interviews where they state they go into their study/kitchen or favourite café and write. How do they switch their minds off to remain focussed on the task at hand?  Rather than meal plans, daughter’s  homework or other demands.  If anyone knows their secret, please let me know.


I am on a deadline to increase my word count for my first draft dramatically and prepare book review posts for Duvet Dwellers Books for the next few weeks. Once family arrive for Christmas, I do not know when I will be able to indulge in writing. The pressures of the summer will resurface. Writing has become a need but I can not shake the feeling of guilt and selfishness when I give it the time it needs. Having visitors that do not understand my desire to write makes these feelings worse.

Next week I have a whole day free with no other people around. It is the best Christmas present my family could give me and I can’t wait.

Happy writing!


2 thoughts on “Christmas distractions and writer’s guilt”

  1. Love this post, and relate to it completely!
    Somehow we must turn that feeling of selfishness into self-nurturing because everyone around us will benefit if we feel fulfilled 🎉🎄


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