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Book review: I Should be Writing: A Writer’s Workshop by Murs Lafferty

The first book review of the year is Murs Lafferty’s book I Should be Writing: A Writer’s Workshop I first read this book when I received a digital ARC from NetGalley but I loved it so much a physical copy appeared under the Christmas tree. Sometimes only a real book will do.

One of the main reasons I enjoy this book is its straightforward and concise nature.  I may have heard some of the advice before by browsing the web and reading other writing books but the waffle is stripped away, leaving a book that is like a personal cheerleader on my desk, encouraging me to stop procrastinating and write.

Her language, delivery of the information and the inclusion of the conversations between a fictional muse and bully fit my way of thinking. After all, I have my own muse, Elsie. The chapters are short (handy for a brain which has a tendency to get distracted) and covers all aspects of writing including

  • writer’s doubts and fears
  • tools you need
  • myths
  • writing your first and second draft
  • editing
  • self-publishing
  • traditional publishing

At the back, there are several exercises to complete to help you on your writing journey after all writing is a journey and not just a destination. Now I need to catch up on her podcasts and the others she recommends.

Have you listened to any podcasts on writing and what books on writing would you recommend trying?

Happy writing!

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