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Let the Challenge of Camp NaNoWriMo begin 


April has galloped in so today I will be celebrating Easter, unraveling the news from the April Fools jokes -this could be difficult, and starting  Camp NaNoWriMo.

It is 3 am and 255 words have been written. How much sense they will make when I wake up who knows. My target is 10,000 words to break through the 50,000 word count barrier and make a dent in the first draft in the tale of Amber Rose, the first book of The Ellfaenian Journals. It feels as if I am creating an epic because I have not got far in the story despite 44,088 words  – gulp.  No one wants a LOTR size novel or if they do, they expect his level of expertise. I don’t have his flair for the English language nor his talent so I believe a heavy edit will be performed at the end.  this novel I may have a written outline but it has not been looked at. I am winging it and making it up as I go along.

The plan for this month is

  • Write
  •  Write some more
  • Think about writing while cuddling  Nigel or Pip.
  • Let Elsie free and listen to her ideas
  • keep stocked up on chocolate and tea – perfect writer’s brain fuel despite the healthy advice.

To do this my husband needs to be occupied so he does not suffer while being a writer’s widow. I am hoping the Easter bunny will bring him some wood for a project and he can be happy in his shed. I have been thinking of an acronym for him; my husband sounds too formal, hubby too wrong and using his name would feel even worse especially as he likes to be in the social media shadows. I have my writing and he has his shed so it could be

  • Man in the Shed MITS
  • Him in the Shed as his mug states HITS
  • Guy in the Shed GITS but that is only apt sometimes
  • Writer’s Widower WW

Any suggestions or thoughts let me know below.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter.

Happy writing and for fellow campers – good luck!




6 thoughts on “Let the Challenge of Camp NaNoWriMo begin ”

  1. Good luck on the word count! My vote is WW, but i might steal GIT for my other half hahaha.

    Thoughts on accidentally writing an epic LOTR book (and sorry if I’m about to say stuff that’ll make you roll your eyes): pick one major plot point to be the mega event for the book, and during edits save the rest for the next book. Also (sorry chicky, I have no idea if this is your first novel) but if you look at Harry Potter, the first book is tiny compared to the rest, as is Percy Jackson. The second or third book can be much bigger, as you already have caught your audience. Writing a big draft does give you tons to play with though. I’m nowhere near that stage, so shouldn’t say anything, but like you am on the verge of Game of Thrones esque length and am fretting.


    1. Thanks it is so easy for the imagination to get side track and want to include everything in one hit or drift off onto book two or five 😂 (yep this is book one). Good luck with yours x


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