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The love of picture books continues 

The joy of picture books continues this week with the arrival of my niece and nephew. It has been a while since I had a toddler clamber on my knee for story time but it is one of life’s perfect moments. The excitement of meeting the characters, the flow of the words, colourful illustrations and even turning the page is contagious. Pure happiness radiates from the kids as they recite the words of old favourites or learn new ones. Picture books are magic portals into the world of reading and I don’t think they are appreciated by adults as much as they should.

Joy of picture books

They don’t need to be long Jasper’s Beanstalk with minimal words and simple plot captivated them as much as the longer more involved Bumblebear but the illustrations matter as does the rhythm. I have a lot to learn as I scribble ideas down and stories form in my mind. I wish I could draw the images I see beyond the stick person version because they do not do them justice.  These children’s stories are distracting me from my WIP. The more I try to focus on Amber the worse the words and the mental block is so I am procrastinating usefully by exploring the world of picture books and enjoying every moment.

Time to read We are going on a bear hunt again and again and again.

Do you have any favourite picture books I should read? Let me know your recommendations below.


Happy writing and reading!

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4 thoughts on “The love of picture books continues ”

  1. I don’t know if they count as picture books, I guess they might… the Dr Seuss collection is one I love, especially ‘The Places you will go’ 😊


  2. I think I have managed to get myself roped into a stint reading in children’s corner at a charity sale that I am involved in later in the year. I will be coming to you for hints and tips. xx


  3. My favourite books are The Gruffelo, The Gruffelo’s child and The Stick Man. The Stick Man has got to be one of my most favourite’s, when I saw it come to life on the animation I cried!


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