Reading vs Writing: Priorities
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Reading VS Writing: Priorities

I have checked my progress in the Goodreads Reading Challenge 2018 and I am doing better than expected – much better. It also highlighted how much I read versus write. If I spent as much time writing as I do reading I could be 90% through my first draft rather than the challenge.

Reading versus writing
My progress in the Goodreads Reading Challenge 2018


It also highlights this in this tweet I have seen today

I have completed more hours for NaNoWriMo and now I have had a swift kick up the bum it’s time to do more writing and less reading. I must catch up and go beyond.

The only problem is I am a book addict and my new library stash is not helping my resolve. Is there a bookaholic anonymous?

Reading vs Writing: Priorities
Today’s library stash!

Happy writing and not reading!

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WIP update: 48,274

NaNoWriMo hours: 10

and Percy is still alive


8 thoughts on “Reading VS Writing: Priorities”

  1. WOW, I am impressed with you challenge progress. I also love Julie Sullivan, congrats on your writing progress. I haven’t done a camp nano yet and something I need to give a go. Jennifer


  2. If only there were a Bookaholics Anonymous, I would be signing up right there with you. You are doing so well though – look at your word count. That’s half a book right there! You’ll have the rest done in no time. xx


  3. I too am not writing enough! My latest crochet project has taken me away from writing AND reading! Lol I need to get back on it, these books won’t write themselves! Hope you manage get more writing done too xx


  4. Ahhh did you read my mind? Currently my goal is 200 a day with the hopes of being done with a full draft by my birthday next year. It’s so humbling to just put it all in Perspective like you have. I’ve definietly had my reading impose on my writing time!


    1. Good luck. It is so hard to balance reading, and that annoying thing called life with writing but we will get there – she says looking longingly at a new library book itching to read it and just receiving 2 new books from NetGalley.


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