Self-Esteem test… what negative worries soak up your energies on a daily basis?

Sometimes a blog post, like this one arrives in your reader at just the right time. Life is changing with my daughter growing up fast – I am sure to be facing the dreaded empty nest soon and my priorities inevitably are changing too. This exercise has made me consider where I am in my life and what I need to focus on next to create the life I desire.

Thanks Viola Bleu for sharing.


I’ve been quiet for a few days haven’t I? I’m still here but focusing on me and The Book!

I’ve been mulling over something I studied a while back and fancied sharing it with you 🌸

I recall a test in which we participated during our 12-week self-esteem course (I say ‘we’ .. that’s myself and seven other women who had qualified for this course having done the Freedom Programme at my local Womens Aid centre).

The amazing volunteer leader who stood at the front had six sheets of different coloured A4 paper. She held up the white sheet.

‘This represents me; my self esteem, which is extremely good.’

(immediately she said this, I curled my toes with embarrassment – how could anyone be that self assured … but I hadn’t completed the course had I)

‘This red piece of paper represents my husband – and when you do…

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