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The Joy of being Grateful

This morning for no particular reason I feel grateful. I did not plan to think about the good things in my life when I sat down with my cup of tea with only the Christmas tree for company but with its lights shining and the house silent I felt a glimmer of calm. For that moment, the worries about bills, health, relationships and how to stretch a shoestring budget over Christmas fell away. I could see the good I have and achievements made this year.

My grateful list:

  • The morning hug I will get from my daughter
  • Waking early to see the stunning night sky
  • The welcome from my dog as I have left him for five minutes
  • The taste of the first cup of tea and this time of year
  • The parts of Christmas which matter the tree, music, friends and family.
  • My home
  • Old friends and new ones
  • The arrival of Christmas cards
  • Opening the advent calendar – you are never to old for one
  • Winning nano – that feeling will keep me going for a while
  • Winning NaNo coaching from Megg
  • An unexpected lottery win of £25
  • The book I won from Erin Green The Magic of Christmas Tree Farm

The moment of calm has grown with my list, life is good and I am ready to fight another day. When life’s problems have snowballed and triggered an avalanche of emotions, it is easy to forget the good, the tiny things or incidents throughout the day which if given care are seeds of strength to get you through the crap.

What are you grateful for?

2 thoughts on “The Joy of being Grateful”

  1. Your post arrived in my inbox at the perfect moment – another little twinkle of good – a message from my angel?
    Things may often feel too much to bear, but remembering the people who are around, friends and professionals, and strangers a like, that are so so amazing, reminds me that those ‘other’ people and those ‘other’ things, aren’t what this little world of ours is all about.
    Thank you xox


  2. Another thing…
    Why? I don’t know? But something made me scroll back to the top when I’d finished my reply…
    And then I found this…
    “If the story is in you, it has to come out” William Faulkner
    And I knew it was something I was meant to see…
    The time is near to either tell the story, or move on, with forgiveness – for nothing else but me.
    It’s time to turn the page…
    With much gratitude my dear sister.
    xS𞙳 & 𞙲Rx


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