Writing journey

Time for Yorkshire Nature Walks

I was planning a post about the importance of HEA (happy ever after) books but after seeing a drunken or drugged Dragon twist a scene from Willow’s story into a different genre this morning, I changed my mind. Who knows what gobbledegook it would come up with?

The nice weather has meant I can go for a whizz on my scooter with the dogs, soak up sun and appreciate the beauty of the Yorkshire countryside. The calm allows the mind to focus on ideas and nature provides the inspiration for both of my WIP. Photos of flowers are taken for the mood board for Willow’s witches garden and trees for Amber’s Elfaen.

If you would like to have sneak previews of these when they happen follow me on Instagram here

I love trees and nature but many places aren’t accessible on wheels so if you see anything inspirational or quirky I would love to be tagged into any posts you see.

Happy writing and enjoy the sunshine


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