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April is here and so is Camp NaNoWriMo


April has begun and so has Camp NaNoWriMo. After my success in November (I am still in shock I won) I know it will help me finish this first draft if I am determined enough and learn from my mistakes to avoid any more health issues. Going over my manuscript I am over two-thirds of the way to writing those elusive words The End. One character’s perspective needs to be threaded in and connective scenes need to be written. I am itching to edit which has allowed procrastination set in. A NaNoWriMo boost with the support, accountability and encouragement from The Fiction Cafe Writers and RNA will hopefully help me get back on track. I need to stop my mind slipping to things I can’t control, social media and the news and enjoy the escape to Whitby and the imaginary shop The Enchanted Emporium.

Current word count: 65,180

Aim by the end of April:  to finish the first draft

Realistically I want to write 10000 words or 30 hours of writing and research.

Happy Writing!


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