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Time slipping by

Where is time going? I need a pause button to catch up and my hand to stop screaming every time I touch a keyboard or hold phone for my than 5 minutes.

Word count for WIP in minus figures due to editing for 2 competitions. The standards will exceed my capability but I will try all the same.


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P.S Dear Universe,

A winning scratchcard would be wonderful!  I need to buy new laptop and updated Dragon – my current one is screeching under the strain of running more than one program. It matches by writing speed.



work in progress, Writing journey

Accountability and all that Jazz Part Two

Earlier I tried to take part in challenge Viola Bleu set me to sit between 9 and 11 to work on WIP. I was determined to do it.  I was dressed – I was tempted to wear my PJs to save time but glad I didn’t, a book review for Duvet Dwellers Books was published and the dogs were fed and sorted but I could feel time slipping.


At 8.57 I was grabbing my tea with the hope of sitting at my desk for 9am.  Viola Bleu was ready to go. I was feeling the pressure.

9.05 am I had not reached my desk. I cringed at the sight of the kitchen and begged my daughter to help tidy it.

9.15 am I was giving medication to our ferret. As an important role model in my WIP, his medical needs come before the words. This was followed by a quick conversation with my husband to say I was writing so did not want to be disturbed.


9.20 am  I was saying goodbye to daughter and scrabbling to find money for her.

9.25am my friend texted to say she was leaving soon to come over for a much-needed natter – gulp (sorry Viola Bleu I did not switch my phone off).

9.30am I began to write. The scene was there in my head  – the dark, rustic cabin in the secluded woods with Old Al meeting Beetle – an Ellfaenian ferret for the first time.  It is instant hate and Amber is unaware of the danger she was putting him in. I could see it, feel it and even smell the smoke of the fire blazing in the hearth but I only stumbled out 394 words in the following hour. My back ached and in the back of my mind I had nagging doubts about the validity of the words I was writing, I also had to overcome the desire to edit words from yesterday.

Word count accountability after an hour

10.25am I was aware my friend would be arriving any second.

10.30am she was here with much-needed cake and the kettle was on.

I didn’t complete the challenge but my word count has gone up which can only be a good thing.

Roll on tomorrow and I will try again.

Happy writing!

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Accountability and all that Jazz Part One



Word count accocuntability
Word count at 9am 21st March 2018



Let the challenge begin

Inspired by the challenge Viola Bleu has set herself in her post below and the conversation we had after we have teamed up this morning to see if we can improve our word count for our WIPs.

The kettle is on and provisions are at hand let the art of self-discipline begin!


Motivational post by Viola Bleu

Today I’ve really been thinking hard about the astonishing word count I’ve managed to notch up blogging since I started. WordPress, as you know, has the clever ability to show us our stats at any given moment and I have become slightly addicted to watching the numbers grow. In 2018 alone I have typed over […]

via I lost my self-discipline, but found 34,000 words — Ideas.Become.Words

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Ellfaenian Journals: Amber’s story catch up

I haven’t managed to do much writing, apart from some entries for Amber’s journal as blogged about in Peeking in secret diaries . School has started and so has Project Nightmare.

The Ellfaenian Journals are a side project of my current work in progress which gives an insight into Amber, the main character’s life while the magical realm of Ellfaen is making itself known. It is a YA paranormal, fantasy fiction. You can catch up on her story so far here:


Same Old Hell

Project Nightmare

Project Nightmare success – ish

Endless Loop

Does the Ellfaenian Journals work as a blog? Only time and followers will tell but I am enjoying writing Amber’s thoughts. It helps place scenes in order for The Hollow and banishes the dreaded writer’s block. If I find myself glaring at an empty screen, letting Amber talk gets the imagination flowing. Any words on a page are a bonus.

Happy reading and happy writing.

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Addicted to words

September has brought the distinct warm light of Autumn that transforms the rural landscape from pleasant to stunning. It is one of my favourite seasons with the trees changing colour, temperature dropping slightly so snuggling up with a good book and cup of tea is even more pleasurable.

My reading pile  has expanded dramatically in the last couple of days after listening to a talk at York Library by Mark Edwards and Rachel Abbott. There is nothing quite like listening to enthusiastic authors to give you kick to finish your own story. I couldn’t resist a signed copy of one of their books as well as a jazzy pen from Mark Edwards. The flashlight on the end will be very useful while I burn the candle at both ends in the attempt to reduce my expanding TBR pile, write reviews and Amber’s tale while visiting relatives.

The problem with writing regularly is once imagination is allowed some freedom, it is a hard beast to control. I have been told not to read or use my phone (scribble notes for writing, research and  the dreaded lure of  social media ) all the time while I am away. The thought of not having a book in my hand or ability to write when needed, makes my hands tingle and heart panic. I am addicted to words. Being a bookworm was bad enough but now the joy of writing has been rediscovered, it has become harder.  Past experience says if my imagination is contained and kept into reality for too long without a release, it has an inspiration explosion. Ideas flurry, plot bunnies come out in force and sentences materialise fully formed. Not being able to get these out in a tangible form makes me angsty, fidgety and it is all consuming. I am not a good house guest. Everyone wants to socialise and I long to hibernate with my phone and its writing apps. Like a secret smoker, I make excuses to be out of the room, snatch a few minutes to jot things down but I am  inevitably caught. Judgemental tuts and the rolling of eyes always follow making me feel like a naughty school child.  Other hobbies such as knitting, sewing and crochet are seen as acceptable in company but sadly writing and reading are not. Silly thing is, I am more grounded and less likely to drift off into daydreams if my hands know I can do something about the random thoughts that pop up.* I wonder if sketching and drawing stickmen is classed as anti – social too. If there is ever a time for writer’s block to loom, it is when I am in the company of others.

My local  writing group has  begun again after its summer break so I can indulge in   two blissful, guilt free hours of writing, coffee and cake. These treasured hours keeps me sane and I may share some  ramblings and flash fiction with you soon.

*Please tell me I am not the only one who feels like this. Maybe things will change and my addiction will become more accepted if I ever become a real published writer.