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Book Cover Reveal: Nude by Harriet Hitchen

Exciting book post has arrived this week including this particular book, Nude by Harriet Hitchen. With the tagline Every painting hides a secret. Every muse has a story. This is hers. I’m curious to know and thrilled to take part in its cover reveal.

Are you ready?

Scroll down to see this simple but stunning art work to lure you into the story.

Book Cover Reveal: Nude by Harriet Hitchen

Checkerboard effect background with muted oinks, browns, taupe and yellows. A heavily stylised simple white and green table with a  silhouette of white vase of flowers and brown tub of paint brushes

Tag line Every painting hides a secret. Every muse has a story. This is hers.
Nude by Harriet Hitchen

Title: Nude

Author: Harriet Hitchrn

Publisher: Crumps Barn

Release date: 1st June 2023

Pre-order link: Amazon


I am not some fire-headed young muse from a bygone era … I am a modern woman, and I have my own life to lead

A nude painting of a reclining woman hangs in a public gallery. In Cheltenham, the woman who wears her face is working hard to get her life – and career – back on track.

When journalist and filmmaker Henry Wells starts asking difficult questions, everyone is afraid she is becoming his next big story.

But every artwork holds its secrets. And sometimes it is easier to live with the myth than it is to admit the truth …

A beautiful, surprising modern-day retelling of the life of Pre-Raphaelite artist Joanna Boyce

Are you intrigued as much as I am? Watch this space nearer publication date and I’ll update you on my thoughts once I’ve read it.

Happy reading!