The Enchanted Emporium Bookshelf

Nestled down an alley, in the picturesque coastal town of Whitby lies The Enchanted Emporium full of everything a modern witch needs as well as a supply of specialist teas blended by the proprietor, Willow Anderson and her apprentice, Amber. Both witches are keen readers and inspired by the pop up free libraries she saw on social media, Amber decided to create one of her own.

She dragged out a small cabinet she found in the depths of the Emporium’s stock room into the Witch’s Yard. Her aim was to share books with those with magical leanings to help them learn their craft when funds were low, but it grew to include any books she, Willow or Rosa adored. The only clause is the book needed to have a magical or supernatural thread. Without it, the book would leap from the enchanted shelf and ricochet across the yard to the nearest puddle, and the cabinet has its own impeccable taste. Rosa tried to sneak in much loved non-magic orientated books with horrifying consequences. I cannot say it that no books were hurt during her experiments. On one occasion a novel burst into flames and no, I will not say the title as it would be cruel to the book and the author. 

The cabinet is possessive over an illustrated copy of A Christmas Carol, only allowing only certain customers to take it away. There have been reports of this book placing itself on top of the borrowers reading pile, following them around the home and nudging them if ignored. Once read, it finds its own way home. Borrowing it has become a badge of honour; not only because of the worthiness of the person but who has the nerve to live with such an impatient novel. 

Books for all age groups are welcome. The other day a young child added Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson, and the cabinet’s sigh of happiness drifted into the store for all to hear. If you have read or watched the film, I’m sure you would understand why. 

The bookshelf’s favourite reads include those by  Magic Lessons by Alice Hoffman, The Once and Future Witches by Alix E Harrow, The Castle Clair witch series by Sharon Booth, Beltane by Alys West and Threadneedle by Cari Thomas. More are being added on a regular basis, just look for #TheEnchantedEmporiumBookshelf

Happy writing, reading, and stay safe!